Psychiatry Expert Witness Work - Swansea & Cardiff

Dr Davies now practices wholly privately, but for 16 years held a substantive NHS Consultant appointment. He was also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Swansea Medical School. The majority of Dr Davies's clinical work has been in a General Hospital setting, involving day to day contact with patients undergoing Psychiatric and Psychological reactions to physical illness and trauma, including burns, head injuries and road traffic accidents. From 2014-16, he undertook NHS work in a community setting. Dr Davies has 16 years experience in medico-legal work, and undertakes around 120 medico-legal reports per year, with regular appointments in Swansea and Cardiff, as well as elsewhere on request. He has completed Expert Witness Training courses in Advanced Report Writing and Courtroom Skills. Dr Davies has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychiatry and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He keeps up to date with devdelopments in his area of Practice and is subject to annual appraisal and revalidation. He has an active private patient practice.
Current Instruction Ratio is 80:10:10 Claimant: Defendant: Joint.

Areas of Expertise

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
-Anxiety Disorders including Panic Disorder
-Psychiatric Aspects of Traumatic Brain Injury / Head Injury
-Psychiatric aspects of Chronic pain, incl CRPS
-Medically Unexplained Symptoms & Somatoform Disorders
-Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Concerns about Appearance
-Other Psychiatric issues relating to Physical Illness and Trauma
-Work related Psychiatric injuries and workplace bullying
-Psychiatric problems among health service staff


-Clinical experience in General Hospital work highly relevant to Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims.
-Appointments usually available within 6 weeks.
-Standard payment terms 3 months
-Express 2 week turnaround instruction-to-report service on request at a surcharge.
-Trained in Report Writing, Civil Procedure Rules and Courtroom Skills.
-Preliminary discussion with solicitors without charge
-Provisional appointments can be held for 7 days pending written instructions

Further Detais

- Download a copy of Dr Davies's CV or Full Terms