Private Patients

Dr Davies is able to see a small number of patients referred by other health professionals for second opinions regarding medication or other issues. These are one-off assessments. Dr Davies is not able to provide crisis or emergency appointments.
Prefered insurers are Cigna, WPA, AVIVA, Exeter Friendly and Vitality Health. Self-funding is also welcome.

Dr Davies does not provide Psychological therapy privately.

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"There are many reasons that patients choose to receive private healthcare, one of which is the ability to access healthcare much more quickly than the current waiting times for NHS treatment. ..Other reasons for choosing private healthcare include the flexibility for patients to choose when and where they receive treatment, to choose which consultant or specialist provides their care and the ability to seek a second opinion on treatment advice received through the NHS."
Report by Auditor General Wales, Wales Audit Office, Feb 2016, A Review of the Impact of Private Practice on NHS Provision